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Can I import & export playlists in Tru-i Suite?

Yes, import/export of play list within the Tru-i platform is possible.

How much does the software cost?

The pricing for the Tru-i Suite digital signage software solution license is decided as per customer's requirement i.e. usage based on large scale or small. We offer a reliable and efficient solution in lieu of each & every penny spent by the customer.

What is the system hardware requirement for running Tru-i?

Windows 7 SP1 / Windows VISTA SP1 / Windows XP SP3, .net V3.5 platform, Processor: AMD AM2 or INTEL Core 2 Duo recommended, Ram: 2 GB recommended, 1GB of minimum free hard drive space for installation, Network interface: wired or wireless. DirectX 10.1 with External Graphics card (ex. ATI 3650, ATI 3870) highly recommended.

Do you offer pre/post sales consulting?

Yes, we help you choose the best solution for your digital needs.

Tru-i Suite setup bundle is corrupted, what do I do?

Inform us about the same and we will give you the download links for new setup.

Can we buy screens from you?

Yes, we offer hardware support too. Please refer to the link for the hardware section.

How often do we need to renew the license?

Demo license have a set time period, full licenses do not need renewal.

Can I upgrade to Tru-i suite from Tru-i Lite?

Yes, an up gradation is possible from Tru-i Lite to Tru-i Suite; the cost difference of license has to be compensated.

How do I upgrade Tru-i Suite when a new version of the software is released?

To extend our client support we offer free updates for one year starting from the date of purchase of the suite. After that period, the updates are cost dependent.

Can I view the license agreement prior to purchasing?

Yes, we maintain transparency with the purchase of our software.
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