Glossary - TruKnox Technologies


.Net Framework

A framework for the Windows platform which is constituted of libraries of codes available at the programmer end.

Alternative Out-of-Home Advertising

A segment reported advertising expenditures that includes spending on digital , out-of-home television networks and place-based media.


In computer terminology it can be explained as the rate of data transfer from one place to another, measured in bps (bits per second).

Banner Advertising

It is a form of advertising for the promotion of a product, related to specific industry. The banners can be real, made of cloth or in the form of electronic media embedded on a web page.

Broadcast server

It is a computer system stored with tonnes of data dedicated to distribute or feed data to other computer systems at the receiving end.


It is the textual, visual or oral representation of information shared through interactive media like magazine, radio or web.

Content management

All the activities from creation, scheduling & execution of content are collectively termed as content management. These include content planning, development, integration & distribution etc.

Digital signage network

It is a network of inter connected software & hardware entities. It consists of: Digital signage server (to feed the designed content) Scheduler (to manage & deploy the multimedia content) Digital media player (to play the media on the displays installed at various locations)

Digital signage software

A software tool to create, manage & execute the multimedia content over the network of displays in a digital signage system.

Digital signage system

A chain of electronic displays (LCD, LED, plasma etc.) connected over a network; local or global, to deliver information relevant to a particular audience.
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