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In terms of communication domain refers to the area of expertise of a particular activity.

DOOH (Digital out of home advertising)

It is the digital facet of OOH advertising. With the revolution of LCD, LED technology, it has emerged as the future of advertising which has made the viewer experience richer & better. Common examples are LED screens outside a Cineplex, shopping mall or at any other crowd gathering junction.

File format

They are the universally accepted and standardised way of saving data in a computer. However some formats can be application specific.


File transfer protocol is a standard protocol for file transfer from one location to another over the web. It involves download and upload of files/data between the server and receiver that share information.

IP address

Internet protocol address is a numerical designation assigned to any device that participates in a network run on the internet. The IP address for each device is unique at a particular point of function.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

A flat electronic display, that use light modulation properties of liquid crystals. LCD’s are used in computer monitors, TV etc.


Transmission of multimedia content targeted at specific audience by the means of electronic media like radio, TV or web at places like airports, restaurants and malls etc.

Network Software

They are a comprehensive package for holistic control and management of a large digital signage network. Unlike standalone packages for solo locations, they offer control over multiple displays spread across the map. Dedicated system resources and internet connectivity is a must for them to function optimally.

OOH (Out of home advertising)

A kind of advertising which reaches its target viewers when they are out of home means ‘on the go’, like billboards, street furniture (bus stand, malls, in-store advertising), transit (taxicabs, metro stations etc.), cinema etc.

Playback Logs

These are the track/reports of all the data played on a digital signage network. These records are maintained in many forms like HTML, XML or in simple text files stored within the server.
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