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Digital Signage Solutions

  • Asymmetric Video Wall

    SynClan allows you to create non-traditional video walls with video cropping, bezel management edge blending and many more features. With flexible display orientation that supports rotation and cropping, your video walls can become a work of art. read more

  • Corporate Communication

    Develop a stronger workforce by dynamic updating of important information read more

  • Digital Menu Boards

    Increase sales and add value to customer experience with Digital Menu Boards read more

  • Emergency Messaging

    Use pre-programmed or dynamic messages, alerts, and evacuation maps to broadcast safety procedures or other life saving information throughout your entire digital signage network. read more

  • Information Display System

    Information Display System is a new addition to the Signage Software suite. It is a perfect accompanying module to digital signage and aims at displaying a wide variety of databases along with the other signage content. read more

  • Instore Display System

    Make an impact on your customers by using dynamic digital signage that creates a visual impact at the Point of Purchase (POP) and drives sales read more

  • Interactive

    Showcase engaging interactive units which are beyond ‘wall signs’ to give a more dynamic environment read more

  • Interactive Way-Finding

    Get people where they want to be with interactive way-finding read more

  • Meeting Room

    Enhance your company’s professional image and enable your staff to focus on their job responsibilities rather than act as guides read more

  • Queue Management

    Queue management system redefines customer experience to the next level. It creates a service delivery environment where customers can enjoy a memorable experience resulting into the highest levels of customer satisfaction, consequently making them more loyal to your brand and makes you ahead of your competitors. read more

  • Video Wall

    Provide visual delight to your audience by making astonishing video walls. read more

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