Video Wall Solutions, Interactive 4K, LED Video Wall Solution

  • Go Beyond 4K

    Now worries about the content resolution will take a step back. As you can capture live, show live data and present vector imaging with our unlimited resolution solutions

  • Unlimited Creative Possibilities

    Creativity takes no excuse with our video wall solution, you can present your business or brand with the best of your creative abilities.

  • Multi-Screen video wall setup in a few steps

    With our easy to use software and highly trained installation and support staff, setting up a video wall is as easy as pie.

Truknox Video Wall Solution is highly capable of handling multiple screens either in traditional symmetrical manner or in any creative shape and can be used in variety of applications like control rooms, lobby & hospitality displays, retail visuals etc.

You can choose from our multiple Video Wall Software Solutions which suits your requirement.

Tru-i Suite

Maximize the benefit of investment. Video wall content is the most significant part of the video wall in terms of recurring cost to create high resolution content. Creating content for video walls is a easy task with our comprehensive content designing software with advantages of creating unlimited number of zones and adding almost all types of multimedia content and capture sources

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Create mesmerizing asymmetrical video wall layouts within the software using 100% flexible layouts and 'edge blending technology' combined with loads of animations and color effects and wow your audience. Easily manage large video wall set-ups with very precise customizations to control the size, position and rotation angle of content and even bezel adjustment

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Airport Video Wall
Diwan Video Wall

Example of a multi display video wall showcasing resolution beyond 4K


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