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Synclan Player, supported by the SynClan Manager, is the playback module of the asymmetric video wall software solution.The SynClan player helps you playback crisp and stunning communications across large spaces with frame level synchronoization to complete the SynClan solution, creating an industry leading package that is sure to wow the audience anywhere, anytime.

SynClan Player simplifies the deployment of beautiful, ultra high resolution (beyond 4K) artistic video walls
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SynClan Player 2
SynClan Player 3
SynClan Player 4
SynClan Player 5
SynClan Player 6
Videos, Images and external Video via Tuner/Capture Cards lets you display all your content plus live TV, camera feeds, VGA, DVI, HDMI and other external inputs.

SynClan Player is based on windows platform, speaking highly of the software’s scalability and its ability to operate in familiar environments. It performs perfectly well in any off-the-shelf decent specification hardware

It allows you to add multiple Clients and play individual videos, as part of a bigger picture. It even allows ‘single/group edit’ functionality, making it extremely versatile while handling high-resolution content. External Video via Tuner/Capture Cards lets you display live TV, camera feeds, VGA, DVI, HDMI and other external inputs.

Features of SynClan Player:
  • Seamless and synchronized playback.
  • Real-time playback status available.
  • Reflect content refresh in almost real-time.
  • External Capture to display live TV, camera feeds and streaming content.
  • Playback logs, Debug and Audit logs to monitor what you play.
  • Auto Health monitoring to ensure 24X7 playback.
  • Different transitions and color effects.
Synclan Features
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