Video Wall Solutions, Digital Signage LED Video Wall

Artistic Video Wall

Create Video Walls way beyond the conventional Rectangular or Squared Shape by using irregular asymmetric shapes and flexible walls.

Resolution independent

Create video walls with no limitation to resolution or shape or design. Flexibility to make any design possible with no limitation to resolution of the content or the size of the wall.

Maximize the benefit of investment

Video wall content is the most significant part of the video wall in terms of recurring cost to create high resolution content. Our software reduces this cost with inbuilt features like video cropping, bezel management, rotation, edge blending etc.

Simulate your video wall before actual implementation

Easily manage large video wall set-ups with very precise customizations to control the size, position and rotation angle of content and even bezel adjustment. Make a simulated representation of your video wall beforehand to give you an idea of how the video wall will look and afterwards give exact dimensions and do bezel adjustments accordingly.

Turnkey Software Solution

A turnkey solution, creating stage design, controlling playlists, edge blending, maintaining hardware and software and administering the system.

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