Interactive Digital Signage Way Finding Solution - TruKnox Technologies

Show property maps for a more intuitive and time saving walk-through

Dynamically highlight major points of interest of the property, exit points, available spaces, transportation, schools and other facilities using Colour-coding for designated buildings or areas and animated directional arrows and images.

Services and restaurants information

Intuitively scroll through departments, staff members, amenities, meeting rooms etc. and integrate a QR tag or SMS option to send full location and point-to-point directions.

Visually appealing

Multi Touch capability allows users to precisely zoom in and zoom out and do a lot more interaction with the screen to get accurate and to the point information so visitors don't lose time finding their way to the destination.

Personalized way-finding

Using the You are here indicator in every design makes sure that the visitor knows where they are starting from and easy step by step visual path to guide them to their destination.

Reduces human intervention

Eliminates the need for human intervention to escort visitors to their point of interest.

Manage crowded areas effectively

Keeping Way-finding Kiosks in highly-trafficked areas and near help desks helps to reduce wait times for people and reduces pressure on the staff members.

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