Digital signage Player - Tru-Player

Tru-Player is a dedicated digital signage player for the Tru-i Suite. Versatile in nature, it offers exclusive support for playing presentations made in Tru-Designer.

Digital Signage Content Player
Whatever your screen size, Tru-Player plays your presentation seamlessly, with no visible loss of resolution.
An all-in-one multimedia presentation player, this digital signage media player module justifies the need for the ever changing dynamic environment.

Be it the new age digital posters, banners or video walls, everything can be smoothly integrated and showcased. Its integrated watchdog capability continuously monitors network health and status and automatically recovers the player to its last working state in case of a problem.

Industry compliant minimized hardware specifications requirement, integrated file format support and smart data streaming are few of its many traits. Tru-Player makes it easy to 'go live' in seconds across multiple digital displays and connect with the audience in no time.

Features of Tru-Player:
  • Allows to log report of playback, presentation and player health.
  • Retrieves it’s last working state in case of power failure.
  • Caters for presentations for touch screen kiosks and non-interactive screens.
  • Minimized hardware requirements.
  • Output in scalable resolutions( horizontal or vertical )..
  • Encrypted and secure communication with the Tru-Scheduler.
  • Multiple format content playback.
Player Features
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