Digital Menu Boards for restaurants, Digital Menu Display

  • We all have seen menu boards in the restaurants mentioning the prices and meal name on a board or a paper sheet. Similarly, the Digital Menu Board shows the menu and offers with some mouth-watering food images or videos on the displays controlled from one central location.
    Digital Menu gives broader access, unlimited reach, personalized & customized offerings to give better experience to customer. It does easy and scale-up promotions to aware your audience with the usage of rich colors and animations.
Strengthen branding exercise

Enhance the store experience by using dynamic and attractive digital menu boards, Up-to-date rates, daily promotional combo rates, and individual customer loyalty measures.

Quick changes

Changes can be made quickly. Menu items and rates can be easily added or removed through our Digital Menu Board Software for restaurants.

Events and specials for the day

Inform visitors about your specialities and make them a part of your important events. Promotional content is chosen to fit the time of day as well as regional or store demographics

Day Part loop

Automatically Display a unique campaign loop consisting of multiple promotions each day during predefined times; morning (breakfast), mid-day (lunch) and evening/night dinner/snack.

Effective communication with guests with multi-lingual support

Guests receive product information and prices through a combination of video, moving product images and animated texts of unique high-resolution quality in their native language to make your products totally irresistible.

Enable franchisee's to control pricing per store

Digital content in all regions and individual locations is updated centrally to ensure brand consistency.


Increase your sales by cross selling and up selling special products during peak hours.

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