Sylvrsign - Android Digital Signage Solution

"A digital signage that gives you the power of staying ahead of competition."

SylvrSign, an Android based digital signage solution lets you create beautiful, dynamic screens in your place of business with no designing skills and professional help, just use your mobile phone, tablet or anormal windows desktop and design your own powerful content.

Explore your imagination through our Manager App

Straight forward and simple interface of our manager app allows you to create appealing content in just minutes. Publish creative advertising and information to your customers, guests or visitors. Digital Signage software Sylvrsign consolidates all your messages in one place and enables you to distribute them over one, two or thousands of screens. It’s as easy as uploading content, without any hassle. So connect with your audience today with a powerful tool and feel the difference of change.

Simple Deployment

Turn any Android device into a beautiful digital signage screen.

We have worked hard to make your digital signage deployment easy. All you need to get started is a TruKnox account and the Sylvrsign app from the Google Play Store installed on your Android Device

Connect any TV to an Android player or use the inbuilt android player of the TV and start broadcasting using our android or windows manager.

Diverse Hardware Options

Hardware you choose, we deploy.

Tablets, SmartScreen’s, Android Boxes, Android Sticks – you choose it – Sylvrsignworks with it.

Android dongles, TV boxes, set-top boxes, smart TVs and tablets are getting cheaper and better. Use any Android-based device that suits your needs as the player for your digital signage screen with no proprietary hardware required – saving you hundreds of dollars.

Show the right content at the right time

Scheduling: Pre-Schedule as per your plan and make your content work accordingly and the way you would like to manage with every detail as an monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and minutes. Works on local network and internet aswell. You don’t need and experts and professional for it.

Design New Content: Simple android and windows-based layout designer with nospecial skills required. Both Landscape and portrait orientation supported for any type of screen.

Any Display: No limits on display type as natively works with any aspect ratio and pixel matrix. 4K resolution also supported.

General Widgets: Design & align wonderful Images, videos, clock, ticker (RSS feeds), etc. Sylvrsign supports all popular file formats which gives cherry on the cake.

User Management

Create a panel as per your comfort and assign the task for higher productivity.

Thanks to our user management feature which gives the freedom of content authorization to the assigned screen installed in multiple locations.

This feature maintains the workflow smoother where the chances of error are very less in the organization.

Design your comfort
Simplicity at its best

Install Player application in any android based device and control the content from a fully intuitive Android/ windows application just in few clicks.

Manage the way you want

Create an eye-catchy content for any Android device from your laptop/ desktop and publish it with no limit.

Android Digital Signage
Challenge your creativity

Design custom layouts with running videos and images, real-time text with RSS feeds, clock and many more.

Connect with Ease

Our multi-network options for direct communication between player and manager software via local network or using internet.

First Impression

Android Digital Signage

Create an Account

Sign-up for a Sylvrsign account on our website. Use our windows based or android based Manager software to design your layout.

Player Hardware

You will need any Android based Tablet, Smart TV, or any android based device. Any Android using OS version 4.4 (Jellybean) or later is compatible.

Install Sylvrsign App

Install the Sylvrsign Player app in the Android based hardware and Sylvrsign Manager app in the controlling windows or android hardware and take control of your android Screen.

Push the content directly from your phone

No need of any PC or laptop to open, now you can push basic content like, images, videos ticker and clock that can be sent from your Android phone, provided you are on the same network of the player or screen in seconds and enjoy the show.

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