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A plug-in is an added feature to a software application which extends their capabilities. They are result of numerous codes put together in a computer programming language.

Point of purchase (POP)/ Point of sale (POS)

Refers to the platform where the sale of product or deal of services takes place between the retailer and buyer. It can be through a store, the market or over the web.

Remote management

Accessing and controlling a computer system from another device which is not part of the parent machine or is not present at the location of operation is termed as remote management. Few examples of the process are add, edit, delete, or organize etc.

ROI (Return on investment)

It is a measure of the efficiency/profitability of a particular investment in a business venture. ROI can be calculated as the ratio of difference of profit & investments to the initial investment itself.

Standalone software

They are self-sustained fully capable software packages that can be used on a single computer. They offer offline functionality, which means an internet/network connection is not necessarily required for them to operate.

Target audience

It is the categorization or distinction of viewer base done by the business researchers to reach their motive of product sales or services more effectively.


A ticker is a scrolling banner on a screen which displays relevant messages.

Touch screen

An electronic visual display panel lit by LED or LCD cells, used to show multimedia presentation/content by the sense of touch.


Windows presentation foundation is a user interface framework that enables programmers or its users to develop rich and interactive application for their clients. It is the next generation tool for application design, layout and development.
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