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Can I use customized templates in Tru-i?

Yes, templates can be customized as per the design needs of the user. The user has complete liberty to do the same.

Can Tru-i suite run without an internet connection?

Yes, for activation and data transfer/update purpose an internet connection is must, but once the suite has been activated and data has been transferred; the internet connectivity can be withdrawn. The Tru-player will keep on playing the last received content unless updated. For any changes to the license, an internet connection is required as well.

Can my adverts have audio?

It is possible to add audio to the content or you can use video files with integrated audio with supported formats like mp3, wma, wav, wmv, avi, mpg, etc.

Does it offer data encryption?

Yes, it does offer reliable & strong data encryption during scheduling/transfer of your content. The encrypted data can be read only by Tru-player application. You can also encrypt your designed presentation at the designer level so that the file cannot be accessed by anyone else apart from the one who encrypts it using a password.

What all language support does it offer?

The language support has been divided in two different parts; one is the GUI language of the software and the other part is for the textual data that you use/edit in the software. At the GUI level only English is supported, and as far as the textual data use/editing is concerned, we support all languages as long as the fonts are installed.

Can I see play lists generated by your Tru-i Suite?

Yes, the playlists can be both, generated and viewed in the Tru-scheduler module of the signage software suite.

How long will it take to update with every screen connected to my network?

The update process can be defined in two different ways; one is the data transfer from the Tru-Scheduler module to the Tru-player application and another can be as update process of the playback log (text log or visual screenshot) from the Tru-Player application to the Tru-Scheduler module. The speed and time of update process solely depends upon network strength and data size.

Can I manage the content/media for playback at my display network?

Yes, wherever the Tru-Player application is installed, and has an ip address assigned to it along with internet connectivity (LAN, WAN), you can use the Tru-Scheduler module to manage your content.

Can I preview content in your application?

You can preview the content at any stage during the design process. This gives you the freedom of planning and reviewing the content before execution.

What are the file formats & resolution supported by Tru-i?

It is preloaded with a support for all major file formats which include: Standard image formats (jpeg, png, gif etc.); Video formats from basic mpeg1 to divx, mpeg4; Audio formats (mp3, wave, wma, flac, ogg etc.) It supports scalable resolutions including full HD.
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