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Radisson Blu


Radisson Blu features 380 unique hotels, open or coming soon, in the world’s most desirable destinations: dynamic major cities, nearby airport gateways and in the most sought after leisure hotspots.


The Hotel industry anticipates a better overall economic climate as of 2012. With Travelers adopting technology like smart phones and tablets at such a rapid pace, hoteliers are moving in tandem with the changing times by including technology in their marketing budgets. Hoteliers have increasingly aimed to roll out programs that reach travelers “on the go”,and are developing new ways to cater to the convenience of their customers.

The Challenges
  • The Hotel industry is on a constant lookout to create a differentiating factor for their brand. This can be achieved when they heighten the quality of their services to take the user experience to the next level.
  • To increase guest awareness of property amenities, where guest would be able to quickly find the information and services he requires, there is a need to reduce the gap between hotel staff and customer.
  • To reduce communication gap and create an enhanced hospitality environment where guest would be able to quickly find the information and services.
  • To make guest feel welcome and at the same time independent of supervision by hotel staff, it is essential to allow them to easily navigate through the facility.
  • It is imperative to simultaneously post meeting room schedules, advertisements for the restaurant and lounge facilities, updated news information via CNN, and general messages in a timely and efficient manner.
  • There is always a need to engage customer through information that can interest them, the most universal being about weather, news, and flight information for airport.
  • Increase technology involvement at hotel to make it more cost effective yet centrally controlled.
Key solution
    Schedule, content, latest fashion, complete look, upcoming designs, daily offers, best seller, Flash Sale, communicate effectively, Digital signage, interactive kiosk, Digital Display
Radisson Blu
  • Truknox digital solution acts as an effective communication tools that can be used to supplement the traditional form of print communication to connect to th eaudience.
  • Digital signage is an extension of the tech-savey customer of today that uses smart phones, i pad, notebook PC's etc.
  • Digital signages enhance the hotel décor and increases convenience for guests.
  • Digital signages help generate revenue of third party advertisements by displaying promotional videos of brands or retails stores.
  • Boosts employee productivity by eliminating traditional media costs and serves as an engaging means to convey information.
  • Digital signage at hotel rooms helps increase revenue of hotelby information of luxury amenities like spa, restaurants and business centre.
TruKnox Technology in Brief

TruKnox Technology offers a complete portfolio of digital signage solutions including media players, servers, and software which are applicable to various industries, such as education, retail, hospitality, corporate, financial, and public institutions. TruKnox is dedicated to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of TruKnox products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.

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