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Pushpanjali Hospital


Pushpanjali Hospital & Research Centre, Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated to extend the medical facilities to the communities having 350 beds including ICCU, CCU, PICU, NICU, Emergency, Trauma and BURN Unit.


Hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices and community health centres around the country are using video, graphics and bulletins to reinforce messages and inform patients of important health issues, treatments and news. With easy-to- use templates and scheduling features, even employees with limited technical skills can update displays in patient rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and hallways.

The Challenges
  • The installation aims to assist the hospital in establishing efficient information delivery platform, and expanding the hospital's brand name.
  • Pushpanjali crosslay hospital has very big premises and they needed a medium to communicate with the masses and their staff.
  • They wanted the communication to be hassle free and without much human intervention so that it does not put any extra pressure on their existing staff and also not use any extra man power.
  • They wanted to aware the patients and visitors with Health tips and dos and don'ts, of the particular disease.
  • Pushpanjali wanted to communicate more facilities about them in a digital and graphical form.
Key solution
  • The solution proposed was that the communication would be done through a digital medium which can be controlled centrally.
  • Many screens were installed in different departments of the hospital. The content to be shown on the screen was designed in the Tru-Designer, the designer part of the Tru-i Suite.
  • Different content was designed for different departments of the hospital to comunicate patients according to the department.
  • The content designed showcased the information about the hospital, along with valuable information for the patients and visitors and important announcements and training to their staff members.
  • To comfort anxious patients and their families, the hospital also broadcasts live TV programs every hour and RSS feeds.
Pushpanjali Hospital
  • All the content designed can be changed dynamically on the go without interfering with the already playing content.
  • The cost of content design and change has been reduced to zero because all the content can be designed in the designer.
  • No extra manpower is needed to manage the screens. The IT team of the hospital itself can take care of the all the screens centrally sitting in their office.
  • This deployment has also successfully assisted patients in gathering information more efficiently and has helped the hospital to comfort anxious patients, and broadcast information about preventive medicine to improve public health effectively.
  • The hospital is also very satisfied with the quality and functions of TruKnox digital signage solution.
TruKnox Technology in Brief

TruKnox Technology offers a complete portfolio of digital signage solutions including media players, servers, and software which are applicable to various industries, such as education, retail, hospitality, corporate, financial, and public institutions. TruKnox is dedicated to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of TruKnox products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.

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